Thursday, September 12, 2013

some mayle, some lyell, some isabel marant

email me if interested at csinders at gmail dot com

Mayle, size 4, asking for $250
super cute and rare. in near perfect condition.

added with a slip. the color is a little off in this photo.

Lyell Shorts, size 8
Blue tweed, fits more like a four or a six. Super cute. Asking for $80.
The tweed isn't perfect (most tweed isn't) so there is a blue thread "spot" on the back of the shorts. Not noticeable.

Isabel Marant Size 2 (she sizes 1,2,3) so it fits like a medium or a 4/6.
Asking for $110. 
It's a little sheer on top (i.e. battenburg lace) and it has a high elastic waist but it's super chic. Also, made of linen. Great fall dress.

Here's the dress in blue (mine is black)

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  1. Love/very interested in the shorts..... email me at to set up payment