Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Suno Black Dress, Size Small

as seen on Michelle Williams. It was originally priced at around 500 dollars, purchased from Opening Ceremony in NYC. 
I'd like around 200 but I'm open to negotiation. Free shipping within the United States.
It's a size small, never been worn. I can fit into it but I cannot raise my arms above my head in the small- I wear a size 6 in Mayle.
I really love this dress, I have it in a medium in this color and another color. It's really quite outstanding. AND, it has pockets!

email me at csinders at gmail dot com or complicatedskirt at gmail dot com.

I'll be post some mayle stuff soon!


  1. hi,

    Would you mind posting the measurements? Thank you!

  2. bust- around 17in (it's hard bc there's darts)
    waist- around 13-14 in (in between both of those)

    length of dress- 31in

  3. Is this still available? I'm interested!

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  5. love it! really interested. is this still available?