Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Even More Mayle For Sale

Mayle, Anna Sui and Lyell
email me at csinders at gmail dot com

Asking for around 95. A very slight, slight dot near the top of the collar. Size 6.

Mayle dress, size 6, with two dots below the pocket. Asking for around 140.

Very Poiret-esque Anna Sui dress. Super boxy, with a very 1920s feel to it. Size 2, but could fit up to a six (that's what size I wear in Anna Sui). Asking for around 60.

Rare Lyell shirt. Size 6. In perfect condition. Asking for $200.

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  1. Hi, I wondered if your Lyell is still available, or if you have anything else by Lyell to sell?