Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mayle + others 4 sale

I'm cleaning out a bunch of stuff! I've lost some weight in graduate school...and so...nothing fits.  If interested, please email me at csinders at gmail dot com 

Size 6, worn once- super cute!
asking for $110 

James Coviello for Anna Sui. Size Small, knit. Super beautiful and sixtie's styled. Asking for $40

size four mayle dress (it's a boxy cut, can accommodate up to a variety of sizes). perfect for winter! in a covetable print. asking for around $120 

Size Four, worn only a few times. Asking for $105


  1. hi - i'd like to purchase two of the mayle dresses - the green and the brocade - let me know if still available, thanks!

  2. Hi-sorry I may be posting this twice-I've never posted before:). If like to buy the green and the brocade mayle dresses, pls let me know if still avail. I've been waiting for the green dress for yeats to go on eBay.