Saturday, May 26, 2012

More Mayle For Sale

Size Small, Worn only twice, in good condition, asking for $135. SOLD

Size 2, could fit a four, with almost perfect condition but some stains in the pits- barely noticeable but it's still an imperfection. I need to make room in my closet but I don't want to throw this away or out. I am fielding price requests- feel free to shoot me ANY price for it. SOLD

Size  4, in almost perfect condition. There is some slight pilling on the back along the thigh but it's barely noticeable. Asking for around $75

Size 6, and I'd say it's a true 6. There are some stains on the back straps of this dress. I need to get rid of it since I'm moving away for grad school but I really don't want to just throw away a piece of mayle or donate it. I'm taking any suggestions for prices, any at all.

If interested, email me at csinders at gmail dot com or complicatedskirt at gmail dot com.

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